Nickname: Brownie
Personality: Curious, inventive, and enthusiastic
Likes: Drawing, fashions, and reading
Dislikes: The word "ugly" and school uniforms
Motto Life is exciting- who knows what will happen next!

Bria is one of the main girlz. She has gone on a break (not being in recent lines) for unknown reasons.

Website Describtion

Curious, inventive, and enthusiastic, Bria thinks life is exciting and can't wait to see what will happen next!

Bria dreams of being a top fashion designer someday, and she brings her sketchpad with her wherever she goes. She also loves painting, reading, and trying new things.

A little bit talkative, Bria's friends love having her around because she sees the beauty in everything and everyone.

New Website Describtion

Bria is a creative designer who feels everything old can be made new again. She visits the thrift store so often the owner already has items put aside for her. She loves clothes - feeling every piece has a story and she's giving it a new lease on life. Because of her creative talents, she is the group's creative problem-solver - finding a unique way to solve any issues.


Dark brown hair and dark skin tone. Brown eyes. A tiny bit like Sasha from Bratz.