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About the Moxie Girlz

The Moxie girlz are dolls mostly aged 9-12, and were created in 2009. They were meant to replace Bratz, but Bratz came back eventually.

Moxie Girlz

The main characters are Avery, Lexa, Sophina and Bria. Click below to read about the girlz.Click here to see a full list of Moxie characters.

What is Moxie?


Featured Character

Kellan Moxe Girlz.jpg Kellan is the wiki's featured character. She's a super girly-girl who loves make-up, magazines and buying new shoes. She's incredibly feminine, polite and refined. But if you upset her, be careful, she has a fiery temper - especially when it comes to defending her friends!

Featured Line

'Scootin' Style is a line where the Moxie Girlz, Avery, Lexa and Kellan are on wheels! Avery is on a skateboard, Lexa is on a scooter, and Kellan is on rollerskates. They even come with a pet (and their own set of wheels like the doll they come with), and a helmet. the Article will take a while:

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