The Moxie Girlz have little sisters, Neve, Cameo, Amorie, and Tally. They have their own club, Moxie Mini Girlz!

Neve Edit

Neve is Avery's little sister. They get along sometimes, and Avery lets her get ice cream at the mall. They fight a little, but Avery loves her little sister.

Cameo Edit

Sweet little Cameo is Sophina's little sister. Cameo looks up to her older sister, and hopes to be a great singer like her. Cameo loves to play with Sophina.

Amorie Edit

Amorie is Bria's little sister. Amorie is different from Bria though, but despite their differences, they still get along very well.

Tally Edit

Tally is Kellan's little sister. They both have a fiery temper, and are polite and refined. In other words, they are very alike and get along really well.